Explore. Dream. Discover… the Ultimate Thai Honeymoon

We never determined what insect made that glorious noise that welcomed us to Thailand. In chorus it was loud and fantastic and signalled our arrival in paradise for our honeymoon. We entrusted every detail of our travels to David van den Heever-Liebenberg, travel director at Marmalade Toast bespoke travel and he delighted us with a personalised service and incredible in-depth knowledge of the hotels and resorts we visited, the cities that surrounded us and the country at large.  It is easy dealing with Marmalade Toast, and not stressful at all which is just what we needed leading up to our wedding day. Our itinerary: 2 nights in Bangkok, 5 nights in Krabi and 5 nights in Koh Yao Yai. Continue reading “Explore. Dream. Discover… the Ultimate Thai Honeymoon”

The Ultimate Umbrian Escape: Casa di Led

In a setting that’s straight out of the movies, this beautifully restored 17th-century stone villa near Spoleto, in the rolling hills of Umbria, is hard to beat. If rustic Italian cuisine, shaved truffles and the grassy green scent of freshly pressed olives after the harvest gets you going, then you need to check your diary now. Gather together your nearest and dearest and head for this gem of a spot, just two hours from Rome. Continue reading “The Ultimate Umbrian Escape: Casa di Led”

Experiential Travel: Rediscover Southeast Asia

From sacred shores in Indonesia to gleaming temples in Thailand, Southeast Asia has had an exotic allure for travellers seeking new adventures for as long as we can remember. But, thanks in part to the rise of social media (and the seemingly endless hordes of gen xers and millennials flocking to insta-worthy spots trying to take the perfect insta-picture) a new generation of traveller is evolving. Continue reading “Experiential Travel: Rediscover Southeast Asia”

Taking the path less travelled: explore Bali & Java by bicycle

Active volcanoes tower over rice paddies and coffee plantations. Jungles fringe tropical beaches on the edge of coral-rich waters. Village and temples dot the landscape where age-old traditions are still followed today. This is the backdrop through which you will cycle up to craters and down to fishing villages, along asphalt roads and rainforest trails. On two wheels you will explore some of the quieter parts of the islands of Bali and Java uncovering a patchwork of sights, sounds and smells. Continue reading “Taking the path less travelled: explore Bali & Java by bicycle”

Forging New Partnerships: Shangri-La Hotels

We are incredibly proud to announce that Marmalade Toast bespoke travel and Shangri-La Hotels will be forging a new and exciting partnership during the course of this year. We have always known the importance of partnering and working together with brands that not only share our service standards, but core values and ethos as well. What makes a stay with Shangri-La truly memorable is something we believe to be exquisite and rare – Shangri-La’s special kind of hospitality… hospitality from the heart.  Continue reading “Forging New Partnerships: Shangri-La Hotels”

Get off the beaten track in Thailand

Northern Thailand has been bussed, cycled, trekked and moped’ed but has it ever been ‘Tuk Tuk’d’? Release your inner cab driver and take a trip that puts you in charge of Thailand’s most iconic form of transport. Well, apart from an elephant and that wouldn’t be right, would it. We can guarantee numb bums, shaky arms, ringing ears, huge amounts of fun, more than a touch of luxury and a travel story to bore your friends with for years… Continue reading “Get off the beaten track in Thailand”

The Beige, Siem Reap

Ensconced in a region replete with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Angkor Wat, The Beige evokes a feel for the finest of Khmer history coupled with old world African Safari charm. A luxury tented camp comprising of only 8 suites and situated in the Angkor Historical park (a stones throw from Angkor Thom), the Beige is the perfect place to find solace and sanctitude after long days of exploring the temples of Angkor. From the infinity pool (suspended five meters above the ground) you can enjoy a view cut from forest and sky.
Here, swimming feels like flying. Nothing can remind you of your place in the natural world like a swim as the sun sets through the trees. Continue reading “The Beige, Siem Reap”