Sunrise at Angkor: a picturesque alternative

Sunrise at Angkor is famously on everyones ‘must do list’ but we wanted to see something different so we hopped on the bikes pre-dawn and made our way to Srah Srang (a small but quite picturesque baray) located to the east of Banteay Kdei for sunrise and a moment to pause and reflect on the last couple of months and how incredibly privileged we are to be here.

Srah Srang is located across the road from the east entrance of Banteay Kdei. Originally constructed by the same architect that built Pre Rup. Remodeled in the 12th century as part of Jayavarman VII’s massive building campaign. A multi-tiered landing platform on the west edge of the baray is adorned with naga balustrades and guardian lions. It is built of laterite with sandstone moulding.

The very sparse remains of an island temple can be seen poking from the middle of the lake during the dry season when the water is low. Srah Srang offers a pleasant, less touristed sunrise alternative to Angkor Wat.

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