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We are currently in: Siem Reap, Cambodia


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South Africa: The Marmalade Toast Group
Suite 373, Private Bag X033
Rivonia, 2128
South Africa

Cambodia: Destination Hospitality Marketing
Second Rose Apartments, 1C
Road 18, Slor Kram Village
Slor Kram Commune, Siem Reap




South Africa: +27 72 800 3165
(WhatsApp & WhatsApp Calls)
South Africa: +27 72 249 7345
(WhatsApp, WhatsApp Calls & Calls)

Cambodia: +855 68 918 710
Cambodia: +855 96767 5954
(09h00-17h00 Indochina Time)

Skype: + 27 11 083 7268
Skype: david.van.den.heever


With the South African borders opening on the 1st of October (with restrictions on travel through or from certain countries), we understand the challenges faced with travel during the pandemic. We also understand the difficulty in obtaining seats on flights due to the very limited capacity. If you are in need of assistance with repatriation or commercial flights, please email the following information to or call us on one of the numbers below so we can see how we can assist you:
• Name, email address & mobile number
• Number of passengers
• Country (and final city) that you need to travel to
• When you would like to depart
☎️ South Africa: +27 72 249 7345 (WhatsApp, WhatsApp Calls, Calls)
☎️ South Africa: +27 72 800 3165 (Calls only)
☎️ Cambodia: +855 68 918 710 (Calls, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Calls)