Inspired by the flawless expectations that our private client culture brings and because of our high-touch approach and carefully crafted journeys, we are intrinsically aware of the challenges hotels, tourism service providers and tourism boards face when trying to connect with agents and tour operators in region that is not their home base.

The nuanced expectations that buyers have in different regions often mean that the intended message is ‘lost in translation’ and that the sales focus, often driven by a purely PR perspective, is different from what the trade (travel agents, ITC's and tour operators) need to secure the sale with their client.

This intrinsic understanding of the needs of travel agents and tour operators, and how they sell travel products to their customer base, allows us to tailor a sales and marketing approach that not only highlights your asset or product but achieves long-term value by extending your reach, promoting your assets, educating the market, engaging audiences and influencing conversations about your brand.

Working closely with a long established database of South African agents, ITC’s, consortia and tour operators, Marmalade Toast bespoke travel representation and destination management offers a number of representation and marketing solutions to our clients as well as a full range of GSA services through our South African office,


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Pop us an email on or give us a call on +855 689 18710 to discuss representation and marketing packages as well as the implementation of a South African GSA (General Sales Agent)